Glass Toughening in Stair — Glass Toughening in Rockhampton, QLD

Glass Toughening Services in Rockhampton


All Hours Glass & Aluminium provides glass toughening services that
create durable, crack-resistant surfaces. This makes glass longer lasting and more suited for certain conditions, such as for use outdoors where wind and other elements may make breaks and cracks more likely. This makes it ideal for use in pool fence panels, splashbacks and shower screens.

We are proud to provide a range of glass toughening services to keep your glass safe and secure over the long haul.

How our glass toughening services work:

Starting with ordinary annealed glass, we cut to the exact specifications, uniformly heating to 700+°C then cooling glass rapidly by blowing air on both sides. The outer surfaces cool faster than the core, and permanent stresses are built up. After toughening, the glass can have up to 5 times its original strength.

Toughened glass breaks into small blunt fragments, reducing the risk of serious injury. Typically when broken, the whole pane crazes and falls out in pieces. Toughened glass products cannot be cut, drilled or shaped – all such work must be completed before toughening is carried out.

Toughened glass can be identified by its edge bevels introduced during preparation to avoid localised stress cracking, characteristic 'leopard spots' seen in certain lighting conditions, and a manufacturer’s stamp in the corner stating its grade.

The end result for you is that your glass products will be up to 5 times tougher than conventional glass. This makes it perfect for heavy-duty applications.

If you want more information about our range of glass toughening services, then feel free to give us a call. We are happy to discuss your project in depth.